We offer classes from Beginner to Advanced

Our programs are for made to help anyone achieve their goals. We have options for the beginner who has never stepped foot into the gym all the way to programs for our advanced athletes. No matter the level you are at or part of the journey you are in, you are welcome in our community. Every class offers different versions of workouts to include all fitness levels.


Our Crossfit program is more than just an hour workout a few times a week. It is a lifestyle change to become the best version of yourself with a fun, community-based atmosphere in a 60minute Coach lead class. All of our classes are taught by our expert coaching staff with workouts that are safe and effective for everyone. The programmed workouts have different levels to allow for anyone to accomplish their goal. It could be to improve overall health, lose weight, or better performance. No matter your age, if you are just starting, or you have been doing this for awhile, here at Aubrey Crossfit everyone is welcome to pursue their goals one safe step at a time.


We believe working out is only half the battle to living a healthier lifestyle. That is why we partnered with a Nutritionist Specialist to provide additional programs to your fitness program. Nutrition is so much more than just the food you eat. It involves so many other healthier habits, and it is all about a balance in life. She believes her clients need to nourish their bodies just as much as their minds and souls through her programs.


Our foundations program is a two week program to introduce you to the fundamental movements of Crossfit before jumping into the classes.

Seasonal Kid’s Camps

Coming soon.

Please contact us for information on kids classes for 10 and up.